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Date: 24th – 25th October 2018 ~ Bangalore India

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NAR-India the apex National level organization of realtors, after its highly successful 7th Annual Convention in Bangalore will now hold its 10th Annual Convention in Bangalore hosted by the Bangalore Realtors Association – India and supported by FIABCI India.The Convention is most sought after the annual event where realtors,developers, investors and other stake holders in real estate from all over India and the world would converge to share and learn, but above all to connect to do business with each other.

The exhibition gives an Ideal Opportunity to Developers to reach out to Realtors and Investors to get the first hand Information on Developers and their projects across the country.

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NAR-INDIA, the apex national level Organization of realtors, after its highly successful 7th Annual Convention in Bangalore will now hold its 10th Annual Convention in Bangalore, India, on the 23rd - 24th - 25th October, 2018, at the Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel & Convention Center, hosted by the Bangalore Realtors Association-India (BRAI).

The Convention is the most sought after annual event where realtors, developers, investors, and other slake holders in real estate from all over India and the world converge to share and learn, but above all to connect to do business with each other.

With rapid globalization and India surging ahead economically, and with networking and collaborating replacing individual transactions, it is of paramount importance that realtors, developers and investors connect with each other across geographies to form reliable business associations, and build more profitable businesses.

The exhibition gives an ideal opportunity for Developers to reach out to realtors and investors, and an equally ideal opportunity for realtors and investors to get first hand information on Developers and their projects across the country. An array of attractive business and learning sessions are proposed to be held over the 2-day Convention to help achieve better perspectives of the real estate industry and thus grow in the exciting future that lies ahead. The 10th Convention promises to be the biggest realty congregation in India with an expected convergence of over 1500 delegates from 40 cities across India and International delegates from 40 countries. NAR-INDIA has a total strength of over 50,000 members and associates. The delegates will include a rich mix of Realtors, Developers, Architects, Lawyers, Investors, Venture Capital Firms, Equity Funds, Real Estate Professionals, Corporate Real Estate Heads, Project & Facility Managers, Property Valuers, Chartered Accountants, Financial Institutions, etc. The two-day event will be packed with engaging and informative activities such as promotions by our leading sponsors, expositions, panel discussions, educational programs, brain-storming sessions, cultural activities, etc, culminating in a gala closing event.

The event will be given wide publicity by leading newspapers, hoardings, radio, business television channels, social media and other promotions and advertising across the city.

The Convention enables Developers to promote their brands and create awareness among realtors across the country at a fraction of the cost of other promotional activities.

NAR-INDIA, the single national level organization of realtors, aims at changing the country's skyline by elevating the standards of practice of the Real Estate Brokerage business to a global level where ethics, transparency, accountability, rule of law, and governance prevail.


Friends once again we are holding our convention in the garden city of Bengaluru which also happens to be the IT capital of the country and the capital of Karnataka.

Once again, the convention is being hosted by the BRAI and once again I have no doubt it will be a stupendous success.

When we meet in Bengaluru, we will be at least 50-member strong association.

Organised Realty in our country is witnessing major changes that threaten to change the way we do business and offer service to our clients. Structural change brought about by instrument of legislation is only one aspect that we will have to deal with. The whole Eco system is undergoing a churning that will affect our ability to earn and our business turnover in the future.

Our growth will depend on our ability to continuously learn technology and new skills to give our clients reasons to seek our services. It will also depend on our ability to find better and more effective ways to source clients, generate leads and convert them into satisfied clients.

The evolving Real-Estate market also has tremendous opportunities: -New verticals are offering opportunities as the market becomes more sophisticated., newer products are being designed to cater to different market segments.. There are green shoots already, indicating that a strong revival in demand is around the corner, Our members are uniquely positioned to exploit the emerging opportunities. We offer multicity solutions to our clients. We have access to MLS systems which other members of our fraternity do not have, Our members have training in latest technology and tools available to cater to clients, I see a very positive and prosperous future for our industry in an environment that is becoming more and more transparent, accountable and one that puts a premium on professionalised services.

Good Luck & may the good times prevail for all of us.

PRAVIN PHANSE - President NAR-INDIA 2017-18

The 2018 NAR -INDIA Convention in Bengaluru gives us an opportunity to gather under one roof again.

Now in its 10th year, NAR-INDIA has grown into a pan-India organization with 47 member associations, and is now recognized by the Government of India as the official voice of realtors in India.

During this year as President, NAR-INDIA I have had the pleasure and privilege of travelling across the length and breadth of the country, meeting you in your own cities, participating in a wide variety of events organized by you, seeing our great organization in action. This has reinforced my belief that bonding is our greatest strength and that collaboration can work wonders for our business.

The world around us is changing rapidly, and so is the business and regulatory environment. The real estate development industry is going through a very difficult period, and it is inevitable that we realtors also suffer the transition pangs. This phase will certainly test our mettle. The hallmarks of those who emerge from this period stronger, will be Transparency, Accountability and Compliance.

I believe the days to come will see the industry changing into a faster and fitter industry, Let us use this time constructively and creatively. Let us share our knowledge and new ideas, understand our environment better and develop greater respect for the needs and aspirations of our customers

I thank Bangalore Realtors Association India for taking up the challenge of hosting the 2018 Convention and wish them all success in their endeavour. Come October, I look forward to meeting you all in India's Garden City, Bengaluru.

IRSHAD AHMED - President Elect NAR-INDIA 2017-18

Dear Fellow Realtors, Developers, Friends and stakeholders,

I am happy to share with you that the 10th Annual Convention of NAR-INDIA is being held on 24th & 25th of October at Sheraton Grand, Whitefield. Its my privilege that I have witnessed the growth of the esteemed organization and have participated in all Conventions, having the honour to be among fellow realtors from all over India since then.

Its a great honour for Bangalore Realtors Association India to host this 10th Annual Convention in Bangalore for the second time in a short span. This would not have been possible without the active participation of the CREDAI members.

The Annual NAR-INDIA Conventions will bring together realtors from across India along with Developers, industry stalwarts , realty experts and International Delegates. This gives an oppor-tunity to witness and participate in the various panel discussions, education programs, seminars and training programs to understand the best business practices.

It's a great moment and exciting time for NAR-INDIA who completes a decade and for BRAI who completes two decades, I happen to be the Co-Founder for both these organisations and have been associated since then, It's a privilege and honour that on the 10th NAR-INDIA Con-vention, I will be taking over as the President for 2018-19.

Looking forward to a grand and successful Convention and I would like to thank the BRAI team for taking this courageous step in hosting it.

N R B GARDA - President BRAI

I am very pleased to inform you that the NAIR-India 10th Annual Convention 2018 is to be Hosted by Bangalore Realtors Association-India (BRA-I) on 24th-25th October 2018 at the Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefieid Hotel & Convention Center. BRA-I has always played a pivotal role in NAR-India and looks forward to hosting the year's most important event, the NAR-India Annual Convention. The Convention brings together Members of the 47 city Associations within NAR-India, along with members of CREDAL the Developer community, members of various International Associations in Real Estate, and all the professionals and business concerns associated with the Real Estate sector.

Much has changed in the past few years and the Government's regulations have ushered in a new era for the real estate fraternity. The Convention showcases the development of Real Estate across the country, thereby giving confidence and encouragement to national, international, and NRI investors to profitably participate in this vital growth sector of the national economy. For our core members, the Brokers, the Convention offers networking opportunities and exposure to Developers' projects, aimed at the growth of business to our mutual benefit, and better services offered to our customers. The general public is exposed to the way NAR-India Member brokers conduct their business — with professionalism, ethics, transparency, and accountability.

It is with your co-operation, support, and active participation that the NAR-India 7th Annual Convention 2015 hosted by BRAI was a grand success. I appeal to all of you, the member Associations of NAR-India, the Developer community, and to all connected to real estate through their professions and businesses to extend their unstinted support and co-operation, by your participation and sponsorship, to NAR-India and BRA-I to make the NAR-India 10th Annual Convention 2018 a grand success. More information of the Convention and of the opportunity to sponsor the event and exhibit your projects, products, and services is in the following pages. Looking forward to seeing on the 24th & 25th October 2018.

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