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The very fact that the butcher, the baker and your stay-at-home aunt are all free lance real estate agents is the reason why you , the serious , full time real estate agent need authentication. No one needs qualifications, apprenticing or even a track record to sell real estate in India and the woeful lack of knowledge would be evident as soon as the client begins to deal with such a person.

Real estate brokering in India is in the last stages of existence as an unorganized sector industry, subject to no laws and getting no protection from the law.

If you are a full time real estate agent then you need to be on top of information about projects, prices, developments, laws, rights, client protection. You need to commit yourself with valuable recognition and you can only get that from Bangalore Realtors’ Association.

Benefits of Membership

  • Project information from leading developers
  • Increased business from shared deals with co-members
  • Safety of the deal as co-members are subject to a code of conduct.
  • Fair brokerage from developers when you sell for them
  • Dispute resolution with co-members and developers
  • Trust of clients
  • Relevant Education
  • International business though World Properties and Transnational Referral business.
  • Democratic management of the association itself which would encourage you to grow in leadership

Are you a full time real estate agent?

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